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DEVIA - Live at ACME UNDERGROUND, NYC 6/21 ...A full, powerful mass of sound carried a distinct purpose—communication by way of revelation. Once again, I had become entranced by the seductive sounds of Devia. Dark and persuasive, sympathetic and hypnotic, Devia's songs whisper volumes. Their performance was near perfect. The drums were tight and the bass was fat. This band demands attention. Their harmony is hauntingly captivating...They played the three songs that they have on their free CD which I know by heart now. It is really good and worth picking up. ...This music is not to be taken lightly so listen closely.

Mike Vincenti -

DEVIA - Mood. Rhythm. Power. (Production Demo Release) Devia's music redefines the rock genre, it's persuasive hooks, harmonized vocals, and surprising elements remain instilled in the listener's mind, making them want more, yet feeling satisfied. These guys are gonna go a long way. Listen if you dare.

Mike Frankson • Host, Access Central Radio AM - 1240 WGBB -

DEVIA - Mood. Rhythm. Power. (Production Demo Release) Devia is about more than just art rock. This Island-based trio is about humanity, the search within us and the emotional journey it entails. Pretty heavy stuff for a rock group. Although the influences of several other groups can be heard in Devia's limited-edition first release, it actually works in the bands favor. They combine the best elements of music and art into an experience they can call their own. The trio builds a wall of sound composed of guitar, bass and drums, which, combined with strong lead vocals by singer Jim Fitzgerald, sounds like the work of a greater number of musicians. Their debut release begins with the dark, moody love-gone-wrong piece "Mariah". Drummer Ben Eriksen and bassist Will Becchina maintain a solid background beat that slowly builds throughout the piece, complimenting Fitzgerald's guitar lead and appropriately dark lyrics. "Same As Yesterday", which actually breaks off midway to sample the Beatles' "Yesterday", lightens the mood a bit with a faster tempo and catchy guitar riff. However, the lyrics, which concern personal change, remain appropriately on the dark side. "When I'm Gone" finshes out the set with a haunting chorus that showcases the group's talented collective voices and opens with yet another string guitar riff. This is not a band to be taken lightly. Their harmony, rhythm and sound are all very tight, and their lyrical content something to be listened to carefully. While they could be popular commercially, Devia fortunately does not seem interested in being just another commercialized pop group, judging from this small taste of their sound.

Michael McDonough - Good Times Magazine

DEVIA - INDEPENDENT RELEASE (Production Demo Release plus bonus tracks) Devia is the best new heavy band I’ve seen out here since Dearly Departed. The version of the CD I’m writing about is 5 songs long, but I’ve seen various other versions with 2 or 3 songs, probably depending on the band’s mood the day of a show. Regardless, the CD is worth picking up, and the band is well worth catching live. Devia is tight as a band, and energetic. They are particularly strong, in the songwriting category. They are also blessed by one of the more powerful lead vocalists I’ve heard in a while, Jim Fitzgerald. “Mariah” is the song that really blows me away on this disc. It’s a slow, dark number that sticks in your head from the opening dissonant guitar riff to the end. “Bitterness is sweet / Sorry that I broke your spirit / Only I thought / I could bring you like a leach to my soul”. Shudder. This one belongs on K-Rock more than any song I think I’ve ever heard. “When I’m Gone” is another song that sounds evil from the opening riff. On the other hand, “Same Space, Same Time” is a little gentler, and a bit more like some of Fitzgerald’s acoustic solo work. There’s something about it that evokes the memory of a slowed-down version of Deep Blue Spirit’s “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”. “Same As Yesterday” features a driving mid-tempo bass. This one keeps changing tempo, and somewhere in the middle, it breaks down completely and briefly morphs into Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday”, complete with strings, before regaining its original strange melody. “Darker Still”, the song that is left off some versions of the CD, is a dreamy acoustic number. These guys are good. Check them out.

Rich Hughes, President - Long Island Music Coalition • Aural Fix

DEVIA - Live at VPS, NY 12/12 This trio has come together and gelled as a fresh and inventive act with influences that range from classic rock to today's more cutting edge rockers. The music was well rehearsed and the vocal harmonies played well against the chopping chord backdrop. I was actually blown away by these guys and couldn't wait to get home and take their disc for a spin.

Dan Brown - Good Times Magazine • issue 878

DEVIA - Radio Single Release — "When I'm Gone" For this week’s show, the band Devia, with the track: “When I’m gone”, has been chosen to be “Mr. Red’s Pick Of The Week”. The rock trio, with Jim Fitzgerald on guitar & vocals, Ben Eriksen on drums, and Will Becchina on bass, is one of my favorites. I think these guys are going places. “When I’m gone” is a catchy tune, that could be on any commercial radio station, movie, or TV show.

Mr. Red • Host - The Mr Red Music Man show • AM 1240 WGBB

DEVIA - Live at The Spot, SUNY SBU, NY - Then the [Devia] took the stage. Having played here just recently, I knew what I was in for. This trio (guitar, bass, drums) strives for the depths of a Radiohead, though keeping it much more simple. Every song is delicately deliberate which gives them an air of seriousness.

Mike Vincenti -

DEVIA - Live at SPE, NY 9/5 For those who miss out going to SPE last night, you miss on hell of a show. Devia was excellent the hole place was singing when they broke into The Beatles "Yesterday" during their song Same as Yesterday. If you havn’t seen them yet, do yourself a favor and go to the next show!

John - JKC

LORIS DRIFT ("The Way You Talk") - Criminally Unsigned - Various Artists - Opposed to the more symphonic stuff is the meaty beaty side of Power Pop as exemplified by Loris Drift, who are one of the real finds on "Criminally Unsigned" with their British sound and their American harmony style singing…”

UK Source

THE PLEASANTRIES Innocence, Ignorance b/w In Between Or Beyond - 7" single: This janglefest has it all: a super hook, a catchy tempo downshift and skin-tight harmonies. Jim Fitzgerald and Greg Clarke, ex-Several Other Men, have themselves a band to watch.

Jim Santo - Alternative Press

THE PLEASANTRIES (CT4): Pssssst. There’s a hit single in this demo. It is called Innocence, Ignorance. A superb piece of pop songwriting, it’s slightly reminiscent of the Gin Blossoms, but that’s only the lowest common denominator for the sake of reference. The Pleasantries possess far more musical muscle, which gives their hook-laden melodies a considerable amount of punch. The very first time I heard the chorus of Innocence, Ignorance, especially the moment where the third vocal harmony comes in, I was absolutely hooked. While all four tracks contained here don’t have equal reel-’em-in ability, they certainly point the way towards good things to come from these guys. -RA ****

Roy Abrams - The Music Paper

THE PLEASANTRIES - demo - PICKHITPICKHITPICKHITPICKHITPICKHIT- Rating:11 (out of 10) This trio has been making a name for themselves on the East Coast and have been featured on commercial radio in New Jersey and will be featured on the compilation 3 Minute Revolution out of Maryland. This may well be the beginning of big things for the band.  The music is very reminiscent of The Blues Traveler and the Rembrandts, only better. You think I’m kidding? This band is better than 3/4 of the music played on 120 minutes. All 4 songs are catchy, well written and proficiently played and are complimented by strong vocals.  Innocence, Ignorance is the first cut off the demo and the song being played on the radio and featured on the 3 Minute compilation. Any of the 4 songs could be interchanged without losing any quality making The Pleasantries one of the strongest unsigned bands I’ve heard yet.

John Ridge - Underground Zine Scene, MI

THE PLEASANTRIES Innocence, Ignorance b/w In Between Or Beyond (7 V2): Destined for bigger things, The Pleasantries produce two melodically-gentle, 70’s AM radio pop gems that highlight the ringing harmonies of brothers Jim and Andrew Fitzgerald and the simple, sing-along brilliance of their radio-ready hooks.

Al Muzer - The Music Paper

THE PLEASANTRIES Power-pop lives in Brooklyn, NY! With the same sensibilities as Toad the Wet Sprocket, The Pleasantries bring hooks you could catch fish with and harmonies to compliment the rock sound. The talent is there and waiting to be recognized.

Rob Acampora, Music Director - WHTG, FM106.3, NJ

THE PLEASANTRIES  The Pleasantries go Toad one poppier and upbeat.  The Pleasantries, Innocence, Ignorance b/w In Between Or Beyond: I realized that I’ve recently begun to use Toad the Wet Sprocket as a short hand method of describing guitar-led, gentle-but-not-folk rock. Like all such shorthands it serves some purpose if taken only as a general description without intending to suggest an exact imitation. I was reaching for the shorthand again before pausing to consider what I meant. Toad the Wet Sprocket may be the best recognized comparison to The Pleasantries, though on further thought I find these boys more upbeat and a tad poppier. I prefer the A-side.

Seth Berner - Face Magazine, Portland, ME

THE PLEASANTRIES Innocence, Ignorance 7" - Letter from Vance Brescia (song writer of The Monkees’ 1986 Top 10 comeback hit That Was Then, This Is Now - then leader of NY favorites The Mosquitos): I played your record as soon as I received it. Wonderful songs. Your voices separately and together are as beautiful as ever. Your voices have just the right amount of angst to get the songs across perfectly. You are obviously a well rehearsed band as shown by your tightness and ability to thrash intelligently. Well done! I wish you all luck onward and upward. Tally hoe! --- personal note: this letter has always meant a lot - Vance is a local legend, always incredibly gracious to fellow musicians, an inspiration and enormously talented.  he now plays lead guitar with Herman's Hermits and continues his solo career.  you should hear this guy sing.

THE PLEASANTRIES Innocence, Ignorance/In Between Or Beyond: This Brooklyn quintet is very aptly named as they play some really pretty, Byrdsy type folk-pop that’s very... well...pleasant. They have some absolutely gorgeous 2-part harmonies, especially on the more upbeat A-side. This is definitely one band from whom I hope to hear more in the next year or so.

Jeff Shore / The Platterpuss - Foster Child magazine

THE PLEASANTRIES Innocence, Ignorance 7" - I first heard Jimmy Fitzgerald play back when we were both living in Long Island and the Smithtown crowd used to hold Summer beach parties with about 8 bands playing. Jim’s first 45 was with a band called The Blue Rays, a joint project with his brother Andy. Jimmy’s been through a few groups since, but The Pleasantries seem almost a return to that earlier love of soft-spoken melody with an ear towards the early Beatles and the Everly Brothers. In addition to a real pretty tune, Innocence, Ignorance features brother Andy helping out on harmonies, something the two have always done well together. For those familiar with The Headless Horsemen, the music backing the verses here will remind you a bit of Just Yesterday. A strong debut.