From the recording Darker Still



Darker Still
Why’d you ever say the words
Knowing all along no words can see
Lost and never found
Like angels on the ground never show their teeth
When they say come away, come away…
And then you say you know me
As if the world’s unfolding from your lips
All the while the savior lapping up the yule-tide graces
From the fat drooling faces of your relatives
Seems like everything’s gone your way - just like we
And if I lived today, I might just feel the same
Did you consider all the pain you could deliver just by being
Ever since you came
Things just ain’t the same save your own peace
I don’t know the way but I come anyway
To me there is no mystery but the others will bleed your history
You’ve got to know the way to go
You can have deception regret regression all alone
Things are so much easier since we’ve exorcised the spirits...
We can bring it home
You’ve got to know the way to go…
You’ve got to know the way to go…
Alone, alone, alone…