From the recording NEW WORLD (several other men)

studio release
recorded and produced by Paul DiBenedetto at Legend Studios LI NY Summer 1991
jim - voice, guitar
will becchina - bass
greg clarke - drums
frank scott (giordano) - lead guitar
written 1987 LI NY, 1991 Brooklyn NY


New World
As his eyes look up from the ground to the pain to come
He falls to the sound of an angel with a gun
And sweeping through his head fly his fears to the dead
Lying prone to the earth the street lights burn no more
What am I today?
Am I a man and should I say to a world that won’t exist
I won’t become a bit by bit
I’ve had enough of this
I won’t accept your Judas kiss
I’ve heard of happiness but brother this ain’t it
Welcome to the new world
Welcome to the new world
This is not the time to follow the roads that they’ve lined
We can’t just close our eyes and hope to see the other side
Aristocratic fix
We’re not among their politics
If you see democracy you’re just as blind as they’d like you to be
Welcome to the new world
Welcome to the new world
Are you a little slow to see
Or is it just your luxuries
That twist your reality
Take away responsibility
Frightened sheep
Here come the dogs